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The Son Of The Madam Of Mustang Ranch | By: Joe Leonard

8557cvrCompelling, adventurous and inspirational, The Son of the Madam of Mustang Ranch, is a memoir. Guns, violence and lust; wars between two houses of prostitution, gambling rife and aplenty, and debauchery. It was a crazed and corrupt world, and Joe Leonard was born right into it. Beyond all, this is the story of how Joe gained the courage to leave the dark realm he had inherited behind and return to the natural and untamed world of his youth, in pursuit of his better angels. His journeys carried him to Africa, Costa Rica, the Arctic, and the Indian villages of the Sierra Madre. He kayaked the hundred-year flood of the Salmon River in Idaho, completed the first winter ascent of Mount Regan in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, was blown up the face of a cliff in the embrace of a windstorm, believing all the while it would most likely be his last moment on earth, and was saved from an avalanche by the hand of God.

Joe pioneered the first back-country hut-to-hut skiing system in the United States and held the first white-water rodeos in the country. He even met Jesus Christ, in the flesh, when he came to Mustang Ranch in a Volkswagen Van to save the girls from their unholy ways.

He spent much of his life speaking, photographing and supporting environmental issues.

Joe guided and was photographed by National Geographic, SKI Magazine, Town and Country, TIME magazine and PBS Idaho.           
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1974 Robinson Bar Ranch and Kayaking322 views
Robinson Bar Ranch, Idaho - 1974210 views
Nancy Reynolds and Hans Barbonas at Robinson Bar Ranch - 1974370 views
Sheep herders wagon in the meadow at Robinson Bar Ranch, Nancy Reynolds, her son, and Bonnie Leonard in 1974.369 views
Robinson Bar Ranch - 1972371 views
Robinson Bar Ranch 383 views
Robinson Bar Ranch - 1972295 views
The Smith family and crew, Robnson Bar Ranch - 1975343 views
The sheep wagon, Robinson Bar Ranch - 1974315 views
Nancy Reynolds at the Robinson Bar Ranch - 1974301 views
Nancy Reynolds and Hans Barbonas, 197555 views
Our favorite blue grass Michael. Teddy, Paul, of White Water66 views
Sheep herders wagon in the meadow at Robinson Bar Ranch292 views
Robinson Bar Ranch - 1973350 views
The wood stove in the sheep wagon, Robinson Bar Ranch - 1974294 views
Robinson Bar Ranch , Natural Hot Pool. This is the wood floor at the bottom of the hot pool, that toe belongs to Joe Leonard. Robinson Bar has 11 hot springs that range in temperture from 105F to 169F. 325 views
The first winter crew Robinson Bar Ranch, White Cloud Mountains - 1971351 views
Sheep herders wagon in the meadow at Robinson Bar Ranch260 views
Robinson Bar Ranch246 views
The natural hot pool, 105 degrees, Robinson Bar Ranch - 1971321 views
The hundred year flood, Robinson Bar Ranch - 1974, Bob Michales carrying luggage for some guests when the bridge washed out.351 views
Great fishing in Warm Springs Creek, Robinson Bar Ranch - 1974512 views
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